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DATA CENTER OFFICE - start by understanding your needs

Begin by entering the information you know about your data center needs. We will keep your entries and do our best to assist in your purchase. You can submit your notes to the blog or make brand new entries to the blog and have it noted to your system.

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Get access to world class data centers. Keep track of your data center specific information. Talk with the user community to find out their experiences. Let us know of yours! If you are already a member login wiht email and password

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Office Space

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Server Space units

Minimum Floor Height


Dish Space


Floor Weight Bearing


Ceiling Height



Telecom Band Width

Internet Band Width:

Number Of Fiber Runs


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AT&T Global Crossing
Level 3 Communications Qwest
Verizon Busi. (UUNET) Sprint
AOL Savvis
Abovenet Other

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Data Center Tiers



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Software and Services

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Data Base Platform

Services Needed

Other Sevices Needed

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